Men's Style Guide

Kandora – a staple traditional wear here in the Gulf region. It is worn with pride, love and attention. More commonly a plain garment usually in white, in recent years fashion designers have put twists on the traditional garment making it versatile to fit in to the world of fashion.

Types of Kandoras:

We have 4 traditional Kandora styles;

  • Emirati
  • Kuwaiti
  • Saudi
  • Qatari

All 4 can be dresses up with a Ghutra / Shemagh and sandals to achieve a formal / traditional look or throw on your favorite sneakers and a cap and you have a cool, laid back, casual street look.

We have also designed some western infused Kandoras, both for formal and casual styles…


Sandals - Kandoras are very well suited with sandals as the climate in the Gulf region would make wearing closed footwear tricky at times! To achieve a classic look, wear your Kandoras with sandals.

Ghutra / Shemagh – Another traditional Gulf staple, the Ghutra / Shemagh. A versatile piece which can pull of a formal or casual look. Explore the different types of headgear and see which styles are from what country.

Perfume – the final step of dressing up and first step before a meeting! To pull of the full look, to get you in the zone, perfume is a must! Traditionally Oud is an all time favourite, be it in the form of liquid or smoke from a Mabkhara, fragrance is a big must! Layering scents also works a treat from having the scent from the Mabkhara to accompanying it with perfume for an intensive scent.


Make sure you have aara in your wardrobe...