Why shop aara?

With so many Abaya and Kandora companies out there why shop at aara?

Firstly, as we acknowledge all companies must also be in agreement with the following statement; we are customer focused... and we truly believe and work with this in mind...

We have a 'family' of experienced cutters, designers and tailors who aim to provide a truly authentic service to customers. With the growth of the online market we believe all customers should have the opportunity of purchasing direct from an authentic fashion house based in Dubai and have their garments delivered to them wherever they are based in the world.

Secondly, we do not mass produce, as you will be buying 'direct from the source' we make your garments on order, from our workshops in Dubai, hence we can provide you a fully bespoke service so your Abaya or Kandora is tailored to your measurements.

We keep it simple and so should you!!! #aara