Women's Style Guide

Abaya – A traditional Gulf overdress for women which is also adopted by many cultures around the world which comes in many styles, designs, cuts and colors! More popularly known to be of black color, now there are so many variations of colors and twists fashion designers have put in! with so many endless options, what should you go for? Well, in all honesty whatever takes your fancy! Rather than choosing a certain type we like to think as it’s such a versatile garment, you can choose what to wear and make it work for you!

Types of Abayas:

There are just too many to list! But basics would start from open or closed designs with a lot of the latest fashion trends opting for open styles in the Gulf region. Traditional cuts would include a wide flowing Bahraini / Bisht style…

The different designs on Abayas and fashion trends are constantly updated, from having bead work to having an array of embroidered designs / laces to completely plain Abayas focusing on materials.

As there is such a vast choice readily available, selecting an Abaya according to an event or occasion would possibly be a good idea to narrow down options…

At aara we try and be inclusive of as many styles as we can but our main focus will be to design and make styles that are suited to the Gulf region and supply worldwide so you are always on trend!


Whatever style of Abaya you go for, the below can always help jazz up your look!

Footwear – yes shoes are a girl’s best friend but what can footwear do to your look? To achieve a formal look heels are always a go to! Wearing a black Abaya? Go for a strong contrast color to complete a look….

Feeling a little casual? Sneakers also do well with open style Abayas…

Handbags – another staple accessory a girl can never have to many of! Going for an Abaya with bead work? Pair up with a glam clutch bag to complete a look!

Perfume – a tradition many women carry out is infusing the Abaya with the smell of tradition scents with the smoke from a Mabkhara, will leave a wonderful lasting fragrance…

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